In 1952, a unique group of visionaries met over a kitchen table and created what is today one of Southern California’s premiere yacht clubs.  Now in our 66th year, Del Rey Yacht Club continues to value the traditions, culture, and spirit passed down to us by our founders. We are an equity organization focused on making decisions for the mutual benefit of our community. We are proud to be a not-for profit Club managed and directed by our members, with many volunteer committees and a long list of fun and interesting social events.
     Our private facilities in Cat Harbor, Catalina Island include showers, rest rooms, barbeques, and picnic tables that are provided for the exclusive use of visiting Del Rey Yacht Club members year round. From April through October, our Cruise Committee organizes several themed weekend trips to the facility. These organized club cruises are an especially beloved tradition, cherished by many generations of DRYC members. Picture as many as 60 boats all traveling over to Cat Harbor together for a shared weekend of sun, fun, and professionally prepared meals! Examples of some of our cruises include Memorial Weekend, July 4th Family Cruise, the Rear Commodore’s Lobsterfest (yes, lobster is served to all), and the Night Sky Cruise (a guided tour of the stars from Catalina Island).  We also cruise as a group to other yacht clubs such as Long Beach Yacht Club, San Diego Yacht Club, Shoreline Yacht Club and many more.
     Our Hospitality Committee produces a wide variety of activities at home in Marina del Rey every month. They host regular movie nights, Monday night football, live music nights, and a themed holiday party for just about every holiday throughout the year!

     Of course, above all we are a community of extremely knowledgeable boaters. Our SeaVenturers group meets monthly, and is a fantastic resource for those interested in learning from the experiences of seasoned mariners who have cruised all over the world.

     If you fancy yourself a sailboat racer, you will be right at home at Del Rey Yacht Club.  We are famous for our Berger Stein Racing series, consisting of five races during the year starting on January 2nd and ending with an overnight race from Marina Del Rey to our facility at Cat Harbor in June. Our Sail Race committee is always looking for new volunteers!
     Our award-winning Junior Sailing Program is one of the best in the country. This is the absolute best place for your children to learn the art of sailing.  Some of our junior sailors not only learn to sail for fun, but also go to compete on a national level! Generations of lifelong mariners got their start right here, at ages as young as eight!
     “Charting our future course is our theme for 2018, we are always changing, growing and evolving into the best organization we can be.  Join us if you are seeking a home in our yachting community. We always welcome visitors from our reciprocal yacht clubs.


Mark Gross