I am honored, privileged and proud to be Del Rey Yacht Club’s Commodore in 2022, the year that we celebrate an important milestone since our founding in 1952. We have been a strong, influential yacht club now for 70 years. What an amazing year we will be having in 2022 for many reasons, not least of which is because this year the Bridge includes a Commodore, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore who are all second generation members. Think about that. This has never happened before in our long history.
We derive two pieces of wisdom from this: First, people who join Del Rey Yacht Club tend to be members for a long time and children of those original members find value in remaining members. Second, together the three Commodores who will be managing our yacht club know much about the long history of this organization and will keep the club on track with many of our customs and traditions. This is very important for our yacht club because we will not stray from our identity as one of the finest yacht clubs in the country. Indeed, I believe it is important to understand the history of Del Rey Yacht Club.
In the early 1950s a group of yachtsmen wishing to race their sailboats were required to have yacht club membership but due to prevailing discrimination at that time, they were barred from yacht club membership. As a result, these yachtsmen established Del Rey Yacht Club as a premier yacht club open to all wishing to join them, regardless of race, religion or national origin. Since our founding in 1952, Del Rey Yacht Club accomplished its goals and today the club’s members include the whole spectrum of the human family. This helped make our club the warm and friendly place it became at the time and is today. We have a diverse and inclusive group of members, along with a beautiful facility which enjoys outstanding views out onto the largest man-made marina in the United States.
The warmth and welcoming spirit of Del Rey Yacht Club comes from the closeness of our members and our employees. The club has many ways of providing for the varied interests of our members. These include our activities on land and at sea. While for most of 2020 and 2021, and likely going into 2022, we will continue to deal with a historic pandemic. We have and will continue to manage protecting our members and employees while providing whatever services and activities we are able to offer with modifications that can be safely carried out. This includes following Los Angeles County Department of Health orders requirements showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination status and recommended mask wearing inside the clubhouse except while eating or drinking and while members are aboard their own boats with their own household members.  
In 2022 most of our services and activities are returning to normalcy including food and beverage services in our beautiful upstairs dining room and downstairs bar and lounge areas, outdoor Aft Deck CafĂ© and Pilothouse. Our sail and racing committee is planning a variety of regattas and races; the cruising committee has planned cruises to our Cat Harbor facility on Catalina Island and other Southern California harbors and reciprocal yacht clubs; and the anglers committee has fishing tournaments and deep sea fishing trips scheduled locally and abroad. Our award-winning junior sailing program continues to operate, training tomorrow’s sailors and racers. This program has been the path for multiple generations of children to become sailors, enjoying both competitive and recreational boating while at the same time having a wonderful summer experience and making new friends. We also offer Flag, Mariner and Intermediate members access to our club’s Duffy electric boat, J22 keelboat, and Lido 14s as well as various kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. Our heated swimming pool is open year-round and we have a pickleball court for members and guests to use. Last, but not least, the club’s hospitality committee, education committee and SeaVenturers group have an abundance of events, classes and social activities throughout the year for all members to enjoy. These activities are just some examples of what our member-run organization with the various skills and enthusiasm of our members can accomplish.
As you can see, there is much our club has to offer its members, guests and members of reciprocal yacht clubs, including guest slips for visiting boaters. We also have over 320 slips, ranging in size from 25 to nearly 80 feet, plus several 120-foot end ties with easy access to the main channel of the marina.
While we have progressed using digital communications tools like Zoom to inform and maintain contact with members during the pandemic, there is no true substitute for meeting in person. Among our plans include launching a program to provide members without boats with a path to learn how to sail and race, having more club-owned boats to use, and perhaps leading “beached” members on to becoming boat owners and taking advantage of our onsite slips and docks.
We want to preserve the things we cherish about our club and grow Del Rey Yacht Club in the future to make the appeal of the club even broader. I look forward to meeting and seeing you at the club. I am excited about our future and charting the next 70 years together with you.


Michael Rosenfeld
Commodore 2022