Year 2023 is turning out to be a great year to serve as the Commodore of Del Rey Yacht Club. I am very honored to have the opportunity to stand at the helm, ready to “SEAS today, launch tomorrow” per my theme. With the couple of Covid-impacted years behind us, the excitement at the Club is palpable as our members step out into the Southern California sunshine and set sail or cruise with their friends and families. Our William Berger/William Stein sailboat races have started; our Junior Sailors are preparing for the Mid-Winter Opti’s. Whether its participating in the Club’s educational or social events; jumping in the pool; fishing; playing pickleball, mahjong, or cards; or relaxing with a glass of wine, our members and their guests are enjoying DRYC’s many amenities. Members are reuniting with each other, new members are joining, and Del Rey Yacht Club is reconnecting with the Marina del Rey and yachting communities in significant ways. For example, this year we are welcoming officers and dignitaries from other yacht clubs and the community to our Opening Day 2023 Ceremony and Celebrations which we hope will be spectacular!

Dedicated to the principles and traditions of Corinthian yachting, in one of the most beautiful manmade marinas in the world, this Club is a gem. What makes this Club so special is that it is owned, operated, and managed by volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to making sure DRYC continues to be the premier yacht club our members have come to enjoy.

At DRYC we have a revolving door of leadership, with each team bringing new talents, fresh ideas, and boatloads of energy to the table for addressing the issues of the day while keeping our Club on a steady course and guiding us forward. With myself as Commodore at the Club’s helm this year is Vice Commodore Roger Friedman and Rear Commodore Dir. Jeff Pielet, along with our Bridge and Board of Directors who work closely with our Committee Chairs that run the events. We also have an active Auxiliary with a long legacy. In addition, we are fortunate to have an excellent staff of employees dedicated to serving the needs of our members and guests with hospitality and professionalism. Together we are an energetic team committed to keeping our Club on course for a Great DRYC 2023!

Del Rey Yacht Club was founded in 1952 “to promote and encourage, as its primary function and purpose, an interest in amateur yachting in all its phases..." And since that time, our members have dared to dream big. As a result, we are proud of our recreational boating facilities here in Marina del Rey and Cat Harbor on Catalina Island, and our active junior and adult sailboat racing programs, cruising opportunities, Club-owned J-22’s, Lido 14, kayaks, paddleboards, and Duffy that Flag, Mariner, and Intermediate members can rent. We also have fine food and beverage services, and a beautiful facility in Cat Harbor called Shultz Landing that is just the right distance from the Club to provide a beautiful day sail or cruise to our destination. All our member-managed events and social activities keep our Club active, vibrant, and relevant to meet the changing needs of our diverse membership.

My theme for 2023 is “SEAS Today, Launch Tomorrow.” Remembering our history and building on our traditions, we stand on the shoulders of the Club’s founding fathers and mothers embracing our diverse and inclusive membership and enjoying our Club’s offerings today while making decisions and taking actions that will move us forward toward better tomorrows. Together, as we look out—not from our boats’ stern, but from its bow—to the North Star, or to that which lies ahead, we can enjoy today as we imagine and work toward this Club’s Bright Future.

With an understanding of the Club’s Past, an appreciation for its Present, and a desire to work toward its Bright Future, our strength is in our ability to enjoy the sea, boating, dining, partying, racing, cruising, volunteering, and each other—to make 2023 a great year for DRYC!
Remember the proverb, "There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the seas, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!" Thank you.

Janet Bubar Rich
Commodore 2023