Del Rey Yacht Club has a long history and legacy in the sport of racing and it continues today, running some of the most competitive and fun events, for all racers of every age and every level.

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2022 Sail Seminars & Race Schedule
Date                  Event
January 8          William Berger & William Stein Series -  Race 1- Malibu & Return 
February 17       Winter Seminar Series #1
March 5             William Berger & William Stein Series Race 2- Santa Monica Bay Race
March 10           Winter Seminar Series #2 NOSA Newport to Ensenada Seminar
March 13           Opening Day Weekend-Guest dock Race boats
March 19            Intro to Yacht Racing with SBYRC
April 8                 Sundown Series 1
May 7                 William Berger & William Stein Series Race 3-Pt. Dume
May 20               Sundown Series 2
June 11               William Berger & William Stein Series Race 4- Cat Harbor Layover
June 12               William Berger & William Stein Series Race 5- Eagle Rock to MdR
June 17               Sundown Series 3
July 15                 Sundown Series 4
July 16                Tannenberg Regatta
July 24                 William Berger & William Stein Awards
August 19            Sundown Series 5
September 16     Sundown Series 6
September 24     Channel Islands to MDR Race
October 22           Halloween Race
October 20           Winter Seminar Series 3
November 17       Winter Seminar Series 4
November 20       Drumstick Race

2022 ASMBYC High Point Series
Race Schedule, click here.

Race Standings as of 07/09/22, click here.

Course 17 Race Chart, click here.

Junior Racing Program - Hardy Cup, Sydney Australia (click on picture for info)