2021 Sundown Series

More info to come!

Sundown Series is BACK starting July 17 with Race #3.  We've updated the format for 2020, and we are racing again!  Eligible boats include, single/double handed dinghies and keel boats.  Individuals must live under the same roof.  If a keel boat rated for a 155% of LP headsail wants to use a smaller percentage sail, you will receive a seconds per mile credit.


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2020 Sundown Series Registration
(Must Register for each race indvidually.)

Race #1 

Race #2 
Friday, July 17
Race #3 - Click Here

Friday, August 14
Race #4 - Click Here

Friday, September 11
Race #5 - Click Here


2020 Single/Double Handed Sundeown Series Results: Race #3, click here.
Race #4, click here.
Eace #5, click here.


2019 Sundown Series Results, click here.