Members and guests provide educational seminars and lectures for both on and off the water topics.  Whether it's knowing what the First Aid Kit on your boat should have, to the newest apps for your iPhone or Android, to being certified to use our moorings at Cat Harbor, our Education Committee is dedicated to getting you the information.


Below is a list of presentations and dates.  Contact the Front Office to sign-up for a class. 
2019 Seminar Schedule
(Check back for updates to added seminars)

Title Facilitator(s) Date Day/Time Room
Emergency Preparedness on Your Boat Howard Katzman Nov 11 Sunday
Our Duffy - Your Duffy
How to Check Out the Club Duffy
Richard Somers
Earnie Barker
Nov 24 Sunday
US Sailing
Safety at Sea Seminar
Judy Gavin Jan
11 & 12
Sat & Sun
8:30am - 4:30pm

PV /

Below are the corresponding materials for certain seminars.
They are in PDF format.

2019 iOS Workshops, click here.

2019 iPad Pro Tips/Tricks, click here.

2019 iPhone X/iPad Pro Tips, click here. 

2019 iPhone/iPad Workshop II, click here.