High School Sailing Program

DRYC is proud to provide the only high school sailing program in Marina del Rey. It is available to 8th grade through 12th grade students. We have practices once a week starting in October and going to the end of April, along with attending a series of events up and down the coast. We currently have four teams: Palisades High, Loyola High, Marymount High and Marlborough High. Each team consists of at least four kids from their high school. We do allow 8th graders to participate if they are going to be attending a high school that has an established team. Minimal sailing experience required.  

2011/2012 Season October-April  

Our season is just beginning. Scheduling can be found on our calendar. Our parent meeting has already occurred so call or email for questions about how to get involved.   A lot of information can be found on the organizing authority’s webpage at www.PCISA.org.  On their calendar page, you can find regatta scheduling and school participation info.  

High School Sailing - 2011/2012 School Year

Start recruiting at your school.   Get a table at your school's club night.   Find kids who are interested in participating as crews, a minimum of 4 teammates are needed. Practices begin in October. Please contact Scott DeCurtis or Virginia Howard at (310) 822-5182 for more information, as well as registering your high school.  

Fee:  $400
Covers sailing, practices, and coaching at regattas.